Intelligent process monitoring and management system designed to interconnect almost all workplaces in your factory as a single ecosystem. System can be used in single worker working in static workplace using single tool also as in big factories with many separated facilities and equipment. This approach allows the optimization of factory processes to be managed more consistently, makes it easier to understand and is designed to eliminate gray areas as much as possible.

This short video will show you how easy system can be used at any workplace and helps understand basic functionality.


This system can be connected to simple Inputs/Outputs like PLC, relays, solenoids. Also can be connected and collect data from more complicated devices, like: gas pressure sensors, vibration sensors, temperature sensors, weight scales, sound sensors, motion sensors and many-many more.

  • 4 inputs to connect external equipment or buttons
  • Wi-Fi to connect ZetaScout to your network. Internal ethernet connector.
  • Integrated fast Bar/QR code scanner for worker ID, task ID and other information input. (optional RFid reader)
  • Simple 2x20 bright text LCD for easy information reading 
  • Additional front button
  • Internal memory, can store data up to 10 years. Exact backup period depends on data density and complexity
  • Optional 2Mpix wide view camera allow to see worker workplace in real time mode at 5fps.
  • WWW based interface for workplace activity monitoring



As you can see this is pure hardware device with integrated fast bar-code reader in automatic fast-scan mode. There no Android PDA or similar devices, system designed for fully rapid operation, minimize worker waste time and maximum data collecting at same time.  System does not require any additional servers for basic reports, monitoring whole workshop or check individual workplaces activity.

Each device in workplace works as stand alone unit collecting detailed employee activity and tasks flow. Workers can move from one work place to another at any time and you always, in real time can check worker location, task status, total work time and other data. At the same time each device transmits own collected data to all other units, in this way you connect to any device and get reports from any other device in local network without any additional hardware or servers. For this you need only wireless or wired network.

For advanced reporting, process and tasks sheduling, generate production plans additional company server or external cloud can be used. Each ZetaScout device can push all collected data to almost any external database sever directly or using external API. Historical data from internal ZetaScout memory also can be send to external database server for more detailed analysis, or you can connect directly to ZetaScout using any web browser to view RAW or pre-Processed data output.

This video illustrates the basic operation of the ZetaScout device.  IT technical staff and IT department specialists also can find some technical highlights of ZetaScout device.